A creative agency, software developer, and consultancy walk into a bar...  

No punch line here — just a full-service team that can take you from problem to market-tested solution in one fell swoop.

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We partner with entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations who are hungry for growth.

Our cross-sectional team is able to quickly plug-in, ramp up, and create change, wherever you are in the process.

How we work aka 'The Gitwit Manifesto'

  • 01

    Develop empathy with the audience

  • 02

    Start with a problem

  • 03

    Never mistake an insight for an idea

  • 04

    Build, measure, learn, repeat

  • 05

    Err towards speed and learning through launching

  • 06

    The smallest insights can be the most powerful

  • 07

    Generate a quantity and diversity of creative ideas

Our Services


  • Consumer & Marketing Research
  • Business Modeling
  • Design/Validation Sprints
  • Product Roadmaps
  • Content Strategy


  • Naming
  • Positioning
  • Identity
  • Voice Guides

Digital Experiences

  • iOS & Android Apps
  • Web Apps
  • User Experience Design
  • Websites


  • Cognitive Strategy
  • Dashboard Development
  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning


  • Campaigns
  • Video/Photography Production
  • Animation
  • Copywriting/Editorial
  • Social Media

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A phone mockup showing screens of the Arriv app

product launch

New tech venture Arriv becomes industry-leading online check-in tool for hospital systems.

Patients Served


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