Global brand launch

Bringing a new product category to life through visual storytelling

The Opportunity

When most people think of fire suppression they think of fire extinguishers, but for industrial equipment fire suppression is often complex and expensive to install.

Firetrace — an industry-leading supplier of fire suppression — contacted Gitwit to help launch a new technology that would help with protecting critical equipment in the smallest of spaces. This product called FlexRope was focused on vital machinery where electrical fires are common and where downtime results in loss of profit and missed deadlines.

This new product which could be user installed and drastically reduces the damage caused by fires and keeps manufacturing facilities safe and equipment running.


Spacing layout breakdown of the FlexRope logo
Diagram of the Firetrace brand architecture
Examples of the FlexRope brand style guide showing the typography usage for the branding.

Brand Imagery

Grid of slide designs from the FlexRope presentation design
Icon designs used on FlexRope design materials
Background pattern used on the FlexRope website design
Man taking the FlexRope out of the product packaging
FlexRope product isolated
FlexRope product on a desk in a shop

Product Videos