Moran Capital

Custom Business Applications

When off-the-shelf tools don’t fit your needs, build one uniquely suited to your workflow

The Opportunity

Moran Capital, a commercial real-estate investment group was looking to upgrade their custom database of  properties.  It was cumbersome to work with, tedious to update, and didn’t suit their ideal working style.

Our team immediately identified several opportunities to leverage modern technology and software to improve the experience and workflows for employees at Moran Capital.

Low Code Development

A small team looking for an internal tool didn’t have the budget for a completely custom engineered technology solution.  So our analytics team identified a solution that could provide the right amount of customization and rich feature set that would drastically improve the end user experience for employees at Moran Capital.

Built in Retool

A slight departure from our typical analytics project involving analysis and data visualizations, we concepted, designed, and built a custom solution using Retool - a rapid software development tool.  By leveraging the solutions available in Retool we were able to work within our clients budget and build features that vastly improved how they interact with their operational data. After some in person discovery and user journey mapping, we migrated all of their data from Salesforce to Retool. We then built Custom Google Maps, property status notifications, 3rd party integrations, and custom printouts to enable the software to function like a modern CRM that was built specifically for Moran Capital.

What Would You Build?

See anything that you’re interested in from the Retool template gallery or curious in learning more about what you could do with the Google Maps API?  Drop us a line if you want to chat about what we could build for you and your business.