Launched a new vegan food delivery platform in NYC.

The Opportunity

NYC-based food startup Papaya has a vision for elevating plant-based food and making innovative, creative vegan meals more accessible for more people. The problem? Plant-based is an afterthought on mainstream food delivery apps. You can filter for ‘Vegan’ meals, but what turns up is usually junk food (ex. cashew grilled cheese), side dishes (ex. sad salad), or meat alternatives.More people identify as “plant-curious” — that is, open to eating a few plant-based meals a week — than ever, driven by the desire to live more sustainably. Papaya and Gitwit knew there was an opportunity to make delicious vegan food easy to order and deliver, so Gitwit got to work creating the go-to-market strategy and campaign to launch a 13-week meal drop across NYC.

Find out how this plant-based cuisine delivery concept became a reality — partnering with 12 NYC restaurants, garnering over 1,900 sign-ups, and delivering to 630+ homes in the beta launch.


Weeks of Meal Drops
Engagement Rates
Social Reach


Papaya knew it wanted to be more than a food delivery service. It wanted to elevate the whole experience of eating a delicious plant-based meal at home, from ordering to unboxing to eating and sharing feedback.

The Strategy: Create an experience for plant-curious eaters that was just as convenient as mainstream food delivery apps, but much more elevated and thoughtful. Make this meal drop experience special and generate interest by building “hype.”

Gitwit crafted the entire experience strategy, from the online ordering experience to SMS flow to the entire meal experience itself.


Weekly Restaurant Partner & Meal Drop Videos

We knew video would play a huge role in building hype and generating sign-ups for each week’s menu so we concepted videos that were fast-paced, playful, and exciting. They showed meals being prepared, cooked, and plated, but also told the stories of the chefs and meals themselves.

From Tulsa, 1,300 miles away from NYC, our Motion Team coordinated and directed video shoots with Papaya’s founders, their restaurant partner chefs, and local photographers and videographers. Oh, and we did this every single week.


NYC Awareness Ad Campaign

Our Awareness Explainer video ad performed the best among all of our ads, bringing in 198.5K impressions in the pre-launch awareness ad sets.

We used what we learned from targeting ads for the NYC radius and vegan interest to optimize our retargeting efforts — earning an insane click-through rate of 2.81 percent. These retargeting ads ventured off from broad-audience channels Facebook and Instagram to include audiences on YouTube, as well.

Press + Influencer Campaign

Gitwit and Papaya created a comprehensive list of hundreds of food bloggers and vegan influencers. We reached out to each one and offered them one free Papaya meal drop so they could capture their experience and share it with readers and followers. This strategy and the resulting UGC content earned a combined potential reach of 3.2 million people seeing Papaya for the first time.