Crafted the story of a revolutionary model of primary care and set the stage for growth.

The Opportunity

One in 4 Americans does not have a primary care provider, according to a Harvard Medical School study. Instead, more people are looking for care in “convenient” places like emergency and urgent care centers. The result? Unhappy patients who don’t receive the care they need and employers who are paying for expensive visits to the ER.

Enter: Direct Primary Care (DPC), a health care model that allows patients to get unlimited access to their primary care physician for a flat monthly rate.

About Remedy Health

Remedy Health is one of the only DPCs in Oklahoma, known for its compassionate, holistic approach to health care. Your first appointment with Remedy typically lasts at least 90 minutes, covering everything from diet to exercise to mental health.

Remedy Health founder and CEO Dr. Chris Sudduth approached Gitwit to help refine its story and create a website and pitch deck that would tell their story to potential patients and employers.


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