Developed the brand positioning, identity, and key sales materials for a new venture fund focused on middle-of-America upside.

The Opportunity

When you think VC, you probably think of the Bay Area. And you’d be largely be right; nearly 40% of all VC investments made in the US are made there.

But there’s an entrepreneurial movement coming from the heartland, and a case to be made for investing in Middle America.

“Here, we’re not interested in the same shiny, over-hyped opportunities Silicon Valley is,” says Tracy Poole, founder and managing partner of the new Tulsa-based venture firm, 46VC. “Instead, 46VC believes ‘investable’ comes in all shapes and sizes — and it’s about solving real problems.”

The new firm needed a compelling brand, story, website, and pitch deck that would grab the attention of potential investors and reflect their unique approach to venture capital.



Style Guide

Investment Presentation