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Making data insights more actionable with design

eLynx Technologies was the first mover in bringing remote SCADA monitoring to oil and gas companies in the early 2000s. Their innovations introduced massive efficiencies through data to an industry that had previously relied upon manpower to ensure all equipment was working as intended.

Fast forward to today, and eLynx monitors equipment all over the United States; the technology they pioneered is now standard protocol for oil and gas. Now that knowing at all times that your equipment is operational is now the standard, companies wonder how to use data to increase productivity. They looked to eLynx to help them make sense of their real-time data and empower better decision making.

eLynx brought in Gitwit to help rapidly explore product interfaces that would help engineers make sense of mass amounts of data collected every day. As with all projects, we began with discovery, performing ethnographic research in the field with engineers and pumpers to gain an in-depth understanding of how they make production decisions. We then ran several prototyping design sprints to explore approaches to data visualization and workflows, which we tested with real users. Now with a product vision established, we then worked alongside eLynx to develop a product strategy and deliver on weekly design stories for their product development team.

By getting out into the field, we were able to help the eLynx team develop a more customer-centric way of thinking about  what they initially considered a ‘product problem’. By resetting our focal point on the end users’ needs, we were able to design, continually refine, and ship a host of new features that are impacting the oilfield today.

Ethnographic Research


The value Spotfire visualization and customization offers Blake, makes the time it takes him to dump his SCADA data into Spotfire an easy choice.


Blake is quickly looking to view a lot of information on each of his filtered wells. Spotfire provides Blakes with an overview of his wells, and enables him to rapidly view a variety of data per well.


Final Designs