Rapidly creating an empathetic product to solve an urgent problem

OKDHS came to Gitwit with a problem: essential workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis were working tirelessly around the clock (and still are). Meanwhile, their children weren’t able to attend school due to the pandemic and needed supervision at home, leaving these parents to navigate the added stress of having to arrange and pay for childcare.

Gitwit created, a two-sided app that allows parents to apply for DHS funding to pay their children’s caretakers, in an ultra-fast two-week sprint process to concept, name, brand, and build an app and website to solve this problem with empathy for the end user. has provided over 17,000 days of care for Oklahoma families and paid out $403,150 to caretakers in the first 90 days.

Product Screens

Product Wireframes

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The Results

Because of's incredible impact in just its first 90 days, Gitwit will continue to develop both product and marketing at least through 2020.