Gitwit is a full-service innovation company.

We help growth-focused teams rapidly create industry-leading digital products and communications.

We build, launch, and transform products and brands.

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In many organizations there is a disconnect between product and marketing. A wall between those delivering the product and those tasked with telling the story. In reality, the two are inextricably linked. The team who builds the empathy required to deliver an incredible product is the team armed with the insight to create a compelling story.

We decided to tear down the wall and bring product strategists and designers as close as possible to the storytellers and marketers who will drive adoption. This cohesion means that both our products and stories are saturated with user-empathy, and that we're able to move swiftly from build to launch to market adoption.

Here's how you can engage us:


User + Buyer Discovery

We always begin by building empathy with users and buyers to uncovers insights that drive our creative process.

— Ethnographic Research
— Landscape Research
— Persona Development
— Consumer Journey Map


Strategy Development

We translate insights into opportunities and then clearly define goals to focus our efforts on business outcomes.

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— Insight + Opportunity Development
— Goal Setting + Business Model Generation
— Stakeholder Workshops
— Campaign + Product Planning


Story + Content

We help our partners understand the ever-evolving world of brand innovation and create story-driven content from the perspective of their most valuable audiences.

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— Brand Story Development
— Concepting + Writing
— Design
— Video + Animation


Product Creation

We collaborate with our partners to prototype often and move quickly to create incredible digital experiences.

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— User Experience
— UI Design
— Rapid Prototyping
— Full-stack Development


Campaign + Measurement

We create targeting parameters and design campaigns based upon sophisticated analytics tools to measure how people interact with our products and content.

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— Audience Definition
— Campaign Management
— Dashboard Development
— User Testing + Analytics

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Our core values shape the way we work with you

Core values are just words in many companies that don’t impact everyday decisions and behaviors. They serve as window dressing but don’t usually speak beyond table stakes values -- necessary basics such as ‘integrity’ and ‘trust’ that any business should require of its people.

Our core values are based on what it takes to innovate. These shape not only how we work each day as a company but every interaction we have with our clients and their customers that are involved in the process.

Meet our team

Here is what you can expect working with us based on our core values:

  • Use empathy to drive innovation

    We ask lots of questions, observe from many perspectives, and listen without interrupting to you and your customers. Deeply understanding people grounds all of our processes and methods of innovating.

  • Focus on why and find better problems

    We won’t tell you what you want to hear, but discover the things you need to know to build your business. We always go deeper than symptoms to find the problem most worth solving.

  • Understand deeply but explain simply

    We will help your team learn new insights, embrace new concepts, and take action because everyone will have a clear understanding of why and what is at stake. Different and good ideas poorly understood never get to launch or win in the marketplace.

  • Be an expert beginner

    We work to be the antidote to entrenched, insider expertise that naturally occurs with any sort of specialization. We bring an outsider, beginner’s mindset that frees us up to ask challenging questions, look at your business from new angles, and be fearless in asking ‘what if?’ and ‘why not?’.

  • Obviously, get past the obvious

    Creativity requires purposeful exploration beyond the borders of what’s normal today. How we work is geared to generate a large quantity and diversity of ideas, the raw materials for great innovation. Our teams are structured to discover and develop new solutions that are high impact and highly feasible.

  • Don’t settle for anything but excellence

    None of our people are order takers. Everyone who touches a project knows they have the opportunity to alter its destiny in some small or big way. This accumulation of ‘what ifs’ and ‘why nots’ is the result of never, ever settling for something less than exceptional every step of the way.

  • Demand and deliver frequent feedback

    Fear is the enemy of creativity, especially the fear of bringing up questions, different ideas, challenges, and criticisms. We demand and deliver this same sort of feedback with our clients. Honest and open feedback is the only way to build something that improves the reality of your customers and your company.