Driven by the desire to change reality, held together by shared values.

“Insight and innovation require time spent searching for and holding onto the problem.”

Dan Fisher, Principal

“There is a great need for creativity, but not a great understanding of it.”

Dan Fisher, Principal
301 E. Archer

The history of Gitwit HQ & its occupants.

We built a team that not only understands creativity, but can expertly wield it to drive the best results for our clients.

Our Values

Our Core Values drive how we work & what we make.

They guide our decisions, processes, and communication. And just make us better people.

Our Team

You can call us ‘Nitwits.’

All experts in our respective fields, but as a team, we’re master of one thing: innovation.

Jacob Johnson

Principal & Strategist

Dan Fisher

Principal & Strategist

Anna Asher

VP Insights & Consulting

Jonna Baker

Project Controller

Claire Ballew

Head of Strategy

Justin Baney

Content Strategist

Patrick Barksdale

Director of Finance

Trevor Barrios

VP Product

Austin Boardman

Data Engineer

Cody Bromley

Product Manager

Jon Bueno

Product Designer

Jessica Bushong

Content Strategist

Annie Chang

Head of Content

Dustin Curzon

VP Operations

Shawn Friel

Head of Growth

Avery Fry

Office Administrator

Kari Howe

Video Producer

Spencer James

Head of Analytics

Dalton James

Head of Video

Meghan Johnson

Head of Design

Jennifay Joy

Talent Acquisition Manager

Jeremiah Maloney

VP Marketing

Kassie McClung

Market Researcher

Zach Miles

Web Developer

Yugvir Parhar

UX Researcher

Avery Pratt


Ashley Roberts

Head of UX Strategy

Brandon Shearrer

Software Engineer

Nick Sortet

Senior Accountant

Emily Stewart

Head of Product Design

Amanda Treadwell


Alec Vennerholm


Alye Vessells

Digital Marketing Manager

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