Designed & shipped a product in a month to unlock better employee development feedback.

The Opportunity

Inch was created by Gitwit's venture studio, 19days, to help people get "feedback from the right people, at the right time, and in the right way." The mission for our product team was to create an app that dramatically increases the quantity and quality of feedback within an organization. A huge piece of this was tying feedback to specific situations — meetings or moments between people — and prompting feedback with low-barrier, high-impact questions.

Our product team ran a one-week sprint to take initial product ideas, explore different solutions, and design a complete user experience. By the end of the week, we had full-fidelity designs and had begun technical set-up. The team rolled straight into engineering and at the end of two more weeks, we had a working MVP ready to launch for alpha testing with calendar integration, configurable competency models, and guided feedback flows.

Branding Sprint

Feedback in Inch starts with a request. This invitation makes it easier for the person providing feedback and lowers the stakes for them. Providing feedback is simplified using a short guided experience of specific and actionable context and prompts.

Product Screens

Investment Presentation