Created the visual identity for a neighborhood hyperlocal café and herbal apothecary

The Opportunity

When news broke that a new breakfast + lunch spot was opening in a nearby neighborhood where several Nitwits live, we knew we wanted to get involved — for overtly selfish reasons. Prior to its launch, a small team met with the owner/chef, Aimee, to hear her vision for the café, which would also sell natural wines, herbal tinctures, and other garden-sourced goods. We discovered Prism needed a logo and to brand its physical space and online presence in order to get the attention of new customers.


Prism’s Brand Story

Brand story is a descriptive explanation about the history and the why behind Prism. This is still a concise messaging deliverable (typically a few paragraphs) and can be used for press or website messaging.

Prism Cafe is a neighborhood gathering place.

Food is a powerful hub of communication and builder of community. Prism Cafe serves The Heights neighborhood and beyond — not only with its hyper locally grown, delicious deli menu, but with its ability to bring all people together. We hope to instill in everyone who walks through our doors a knowledge and appreciation for what the earth can give us, and what we can give each other.

Prism Cafe creates hyperlocal sun-powered nourishment.

We believe in going beyond farm-to-table and that nourishment should be offered beyond the plate. The consideration of how locally grown plants can be used for the body in forms outside of food is our natural intuition. Prism Cafe is a hyperlocal herbal apothecary that creates wellness for the whole body with organically grown, wildcrafted goods.

Prism Cafe is a place to collect and share new experiences.

We believe life is about expansion of the mind, heart, and palette. We hope all who visit Prism Cafe find themselves exposed to something novel -- whether it’s a new song, new ingredient, new dish, or new company -- that makes their life just a little richer.

Good Company

New Ideas


Old World





Brand Words

Complex + Simple

Representing depth and thoughtfulness, but also easy to get what you need, with nothing too off-putting on the menu


In relation to palette and offerings, it’s the opposite of "in your face." We’re not forcing anything, ever


A concept that will never go out of style — an old-world delicatessen but with a modern experience and approach to nourishment

Approachable + Humble

Doors are open to all, and we communicate with encouragement, not mandates


Encouraging all who walk through the doors to think and dream beyond confines of what already exists


“Wow, I can’t thank you all enough for today. I felt very seen, supported, and inspired by your methods and approach...”

Aimee Hunter, Prism Cafe Owner