Brand Strategy & Launch Campaign

Bringing a new product to market for an industry leader

Wausau Window and Glass has an industry reputation for being the best-in-class brand in North America for high-performance glass buildings (known as curtain wall). Their highly engineered solutions provide designers and builders of high-rise glass buildings an end-to-end, highly-customized solution.

However, as wider and wider openings for balconies became the design-trend for high-rise residential buildings, Wausau saw itself losing out on marquee projects. This was because designers were opting for doors from other providers, who then won all of the glass for the entire project.

Wausau approached Gitwit to help it design a brand and launch strategy for their its Crosstrak product, targeted at winning back designers and builders of these high-rise residential projects featuring large expanse sliding glass doors.

Our team developed a brand identity and story for Crosstrak, created a launch video and product website, and launched a series of ads. We performed primary research to identify the niche of architects who were being awarded these high-rise residential projects, and we developed a digital targeting strategy to drive awareness of the Crosstrak product among this select group.

The launch campaign drove immediate leads and saw the Wausau direct sales team visiting designers about prospective projects within the first few weeks of the campaign launch.

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