Building technology to drive eradication of single-use waste  in restaurants

The Opportunity

Who among us hasn’t had a long day at work, only to grab takeout for dinner, resulting in a mountain of plastic to-go containers (and some guilt for said plastic)? According to the EPA, about 29% of all greenhouse emissions come from packaging.

And food takeout uses a lot of packaging.

Our client came to us wanting to launch something that would actually make the world a better place. His initial idea: make the reusables experience frictionless for consumers and irresistible for businesses.

Through extensive discovery, concepting, and testing, Gitwit identified a slightly different opportunity: create a network of eco-conscious consumers and restaurants, brought together by an app that allows users to track where and how often they brought reusable containers and cups. Then, we built it — at incredible speed.

Google Design Sprint

Our team ran a Google Design Sprint to concept and build a web app that tracked how much plastic an individual saved by using reusable containers and cups.

Branding Sprint

Our strategy + content teams worked together to rapidly brainstorm ideas for a name, knowing it should be memorable and impactful in order to catch fire and grow into a movement.


Finally, with a full brand and product MVP ready for launch, Gitwit brought BYO to market. This marketing campaign needed to educate the public on several points: not just about this new app and how it works, but also why reuse is better than recycling. We created a landing page to tell that story, as well as a series of organic social media content to drive users there.

  • Landing page: We launched a landing page to tell the true story of how recycling is a lie, and re-use is the only true way to create a waste free lifestyle 

  • Social assets: We developed social media content an and organic launch strategy

bring your own

join the movement

don’t recycle, reuse

bring your own

join the movement

don’t recycle, reuse