Global Brand Awareness Campaign

Developing a documentary for a global leader

Topcon is a global leader in precision positioning equipment and solutions for the surveying, construction, agriculture, and civil engineering industries. Their products help bring greater precision, collaboration and efficiency to jobsite around the world. Their goal was to become more visible as thought leaders in the conversation around technology and its ability to help meet global infrastructure needs.

With this in mind, Gitwit created a strategy founded in a documentary and trailer that explored the issue of global infrastructure demands and the exciting technologies that are currently being implemented across infrastructure projects globally.

Gitwit led the charge by working with Topcon to define the story and identify global leaders in the conversation from leading organizations including Intel, SAP, Belford Beaty, and the Civil Engineering Society for interviews.

With discovery completed and the story defined our team then went to work traveling across the USA and Europe to film interviews with these thought leaders and ultimately produced a documentary and trailer. On the heels of production our team completed several strategic awareness campaigns focused on creating engagement with their site and placing Topcon at the center of this rapidly developing conversation.



Interviewee Stats

United States Filming Locations

Livermore, California
Santa Clare, California
Chicago, Illinois

European Filming Locations

Liverpool, UK
Cambridge, UK
London, UK
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Walldorf, Germany

Discussion Guide

Scene 01 — Discussion Guide Question

What is the current state of infrastructure in the world?

Scene 02 — Discussion Guide Question

Do you feel that there is resistance to adopting new technologies in the construction industry?

Scene 03 — Discussion Guide Question

What technologies are currently helping infrastructure projects be built more efficiently or safely?

Scene 04 — Discussion Guide Question

What are the technological barriers to smart infrastructure?

Scene 05 — Discussion Guide Question

What are the technological barriers to smart infrastructure?

Scene 06 — Discussion Guide Question

How do the current geopolitical and economic factors impact the infrastructure conversation?

Behind the Scenes