Greenwell Data

A six-month, all-out sprint to define, build, and launch a new SaaS product for oil & gas compliance management.

The Greenwell Data team came to Gitwit with a B2B SaaS product idea aimed at helping EHS (environmental, health, and safety) managers track and manage environmental compliance data, so they’d always know where they stand and what needs to be done to keep their organizations in compliance.

The team wanted to (1) better understand the problem and validate their concept with the target audience (2) build a product vision and (3) design and build a full-stack web application to take to market.

Our entire process — from initial discovery and problem definition to MVP product and brand launch — was completed in six months. Take a look at what went down.

01 — Discovery

Validate the Product

We kicked off with a Product Validation Sprint to determine whether this type of solution would address a market need and what capabilities would be most important to our target audience.

We created a product concept brief with an overview of potential features, and we conducted interviews with EHS managers from a variety of different oil and gas companies in order to understand their current workflow, biggest pain points, and if/how this product could solve their problems.

These learnings not only validated our overall product concept, but also helped us hone in on the most valuable features.

02 — Design Sprint

Design a Prototype

The Gitwit product team then led a two-week Design Sprint to build on the findings of the product validation phase. The design sprint process moved from initial problem definition, to brainstorming features, to wireframing and rapid prototyping, to interviewing customers, and validating an initial product value/feature set (that potential customers said they would pay for, right now).

The week ended with a go/no-go decision point on moving forward to build the product MVP.

The decision?: GO!

03 — MVP Criteria

Create the Experience

The team then turned its attention to conducting a go-to-market sprint, first building the criteria for the product MVP. This phase refined the features / experience of the existing product and design-sprint prototype and defined a core set of additional features critical for product launch.

04 — UI Design

Refine the Design

With the core feature set defined, the design team then wireframed product features and UI designs. At this point, design is strategy, so the team collaborated and deliberated decisions with the stakeholder team, as well as continually gathered feedback from subject matter experts at each phase of the design.

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05 — Engineering & Development

Make it work

The engineering team quickly recognized the need for simplicity and scalability in response to a robust feature set scoped for the MVP. Utilizing the power of the MEAN technology stack, the team moved fast to build a powerful, feature-rich MVP, delivering immediate value to early users.

Going forward, the engineering team will continue to build on this MVP using data-driven insights to guide new features and UX implementations.

06 — Branding

Give it Character

At the same time as the team was building the MVP, we launched a branding process to develop the name (surprise! — it hadn’t been Greenwell Data up to this point), brand identity, sales pitch deck, and website landing page ahead of launch.

07 — Launch Campaign

Get it out in the Wild

Finally, with the MVP ready and marketing website live, the team concepted and developed an initial digital campaign on LinkedIn to take the product to market, targeting EHS managers and safety officers and oil and gas companies.

Take a look at GreenwellData in the wild at