Tulsa Artist Fellowship

Artist Fellowship Identity Design

Presenting a new story to the global art community

The Tulsa Artist Fellowship sponsors artists and arts workers, both locally and across the globe, with studio space, living accommodations, a stipend, a rich community of fellows, and arts programming.

Founded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation as an initiative to develop the arts culture of Tulsa, the Tulsa Artist Fellowship has become a respected program in a short amount of time. With the ambition to continue growing the fellowship, the fellowship recruited a world renowned director who was immediately impressed with what was being created in Tulsa. She knew she needed a partner who could help tell the story of what was going on in this city to attract world class artists and cultural recognition.

Gitwit partnered with the Fellowship to lead a branding and visual identity process focused on developing a mark and brand that could accompany and compliment the artist’s work, which it would be surrounded by, without taking away or distracting from it. The resulting brand is heavily monochromatic and subtle, yet recognizable. We then carried this branding into a new website for the fellowship, focused on showcasing current fellows and capturing applications for its future cohorts.


Logo Sketches