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Driving awareness for a technical innovation from one of the nation's largest steel fabricator

Finkl Steel, Chicago’s oldest steel producer, is one of the most innovative forgeries in the country. They not only create new methods for melting and forging steel, they also develop new types of steel for specific industry applications.

To serve the oil and gas industry, material scientists at Finkl developed and patented a new type of forged stainless steel to be used in fluid end pumps for hydraulic fracturing. This product, named HVX Stainless, is the first stainless steel scientifically developed specifically for the fracking application. HVX matches and exceeds the field service life of the most popular off-the-shelf stainless offerings while achieving the lowest total cost. It’s an incredible breakthrough for both the steel and the oil and gas industries.

However, historically the oil and gas industry has been slow to learn about and adopt change or innovation. This is both the result of and the reason why B2B marketing in this vertical is dry, uninspired, and easy to ignore.

Finkl hired Gitwit to build a brand for HVX Stainless, articulate the story for the key decision-makers by crafting a product website, launch video, sales materials, and an ongoing digital and direct campaign to bring widespread awareness to HVX Stainless and drive qualified sales leads.

To understand the sales cycle, identify marketing opportunities, and develop key messaging points, we conducted in-depth interviews with influencers and decision-makers in the target market. The subsequent marketing strategy and content we delivered matches and captures the innovation of HVX, creating a new highly creative approach to the way Finkl launches even its most technical products.

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Interview Insights

Insight 1

“HVX is a significant cost savings. It's a combination of the upfront cost and ease of machining, but it's more in the upfront cost. There is a 40% reduction in cost upfront, 20% machining reduction in cost. It's a huge deal.”

Insight #2

“When we say American-made, we mean it from a sense of patriotism and pride. We just think it means that American made is better. That goes a long way in the oil field.”

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