Arborstone Storage

Robotic Process Animation

Automated data entry workflows for a small business, saving them 1,200+ hours of repetitive labor

The Opportunity

Arborstone Storage, a regional chain of self-storage facilities, reached out with an all-too-common problem: their team was spending 10+ hours per week manually copying data from their online management software into spreadsheets.

The Arborstone team knew this valuable time could be better spent on facility maintenance and customer service. Plus, the manual process introduced the potential for human error. With over 40 self-storage facilities and ambitious growth goals, they needed to find a more efficient way to transfer data.

This ask could have easily turned into an over-engineered database development project elsewhere, but Gitwit was determined to keep it simple. We developed an elegant solution that solved the problem without unnecessary costs or overhead.


Building a data robot

Typically, our Analytics Team works to turn raw data into dashboards and actionable insights. In this case, we did the reverse. Our data engineers wrote custom code to build a bot that automated the entire process of logging into each facility’s cloud portal, extracting data, and importing new records into their existing spreadsheets. We deployed our code to Robocorp Cloud, allowing fully automated processes to run each night.