Creating Your Product Vision

Learn about the impact your product vision has on project success

A product vision is supposed to excite, unite, focus purpose, and drive decision making, yet many product visions end up doing the opposite. Too often, teams create their own interpretations of a vague pronouncement, resulting in a vision about a product rather than a person with a problem that needs solving. In so many ways, product visions are blurry renditions of half-baked ideas that aren’t anchored in the current user journey, leading products nowhere fast.

In this video session, Gitwit’s product strategists and managers define what a product vision is, explain the importance of having one, give examples of good and bad vision statements, and teach you how to lead a one-day Product Vision Workshop with your team. 

Topics covered include:

  • Why product visions are so valuable, and where most go wrong
  • What a good product vision should focus on
  • Why a collaborative process is so important
  • Our empathy-based approach to uncovering the biggest opportunities
  • How to make your vision inspiring and actionable through storytelling

Leave with next steps:

  • Step-by-step instructions for running each workshop exercise
  • To-do list for workshop planning as far as two weeks out
  • Download our Product Vision Workshop facilitator’s deck
  • Download our Setting-Expectations email template 
  • Download our Exercise Response spreadsheet template
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