Your Guide to Customer Discovery

Gain an appreciation for gathering insights before jumping into decision mode

It’s only by finding and solving real, painful, human problems to solve that products and companies are able to create true value for their customers. This can be a hard sell for startups, because it doesn’t pay to spend time chasing problems up front. Most investors want products and solutions, not problems and insights. 

On the other hand established, successful companies often get away from customer discovery because they know what works. They’d rather become more efficient (better at creating the solution) than spend time finding new problems to solve or finding ways to solve them better. 

In this video session, Gitwit’s researchers and strategists explain the benefits of customer discovery, different approaches for conducting discovery, and tactical plans for running your own discovery process.

Topics covered include:

  • Why the best founders, startups, and global companies are always talking to customers and real users
  • The common pitfalls of customer discovery
  • Exercises for creating better questions to ask
  • Strategies for conducting powerful interviews
  • How to move from interview transcripts to customer insights

Leave with next steps:

  • Step-by-step instructions for your next discovery process 
  • To-do list for workshop planning as far as two weeks out
  • Download our Question Storm canvas
  • Download our Insights Spreadsheet template
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