Our Core Values

Key ingredients to creating a team of top-level innovators

succeed in attaining, achieving, or experiencing; obtain

mental sharpness and inventiveness; keen intelligence

Values Statement

As innovators, the biggest way we add value is to find better problems to solve. We can only do this by deeply understanding people through methods that uncover the hidden “why” of their behavior and approach our investigation with the observant eyes of the beginner.

When we solve these problems, we tackle them with a process that generates a great quantity and diversity of ideas so we always get past the obvious solutions. We have insanely high expectations of our team members but we help each other stretch to new places by demanding constant feedback.

Every one of our core values is a key ingredient to create a team of top-level innovators.


We don't settle for anything but excellence

  • Demand the best work from yourself and others
  • Ask yourself, "Would I sign this work?"
  • Be honest when something is not up to standard and become the catalyst to change it
  • Become someone people rely on to alter the destiny of a project


Focus on the why and find better problems

  • Find the "why" and don't forget the "why" so we never lose the purpose of our work
  • Champion questions over answers
  • Discover deeply buried root causes
  • Seek to re-frame understanding in order to uncover much bigger opportunities
  • Create what the world really needs, not what it says it wants


Demand and deliver frequent feedback

  • Deeply collaborate within and across teams to maximize our ability to innovate
  • Share work early and often so others can help you build it better
  • Be wide open to challenges and critiques because these fuel greatness
  • Listen well and give thoughtful, candid feedback
  • Coach people in the moment when you see something that can be improved


Be an expert beginner

  • Use the time when you know the least about something to discover new insights that those with experience can no longer see
  • Always be learning inside and outside your areas of expertise
  • Make new connections between previously unrelated things
  • Be playful everyday to open your mind to different ways of seeing and combining things


Obviously, get past the obvious

  • Challenge prevailing assumptions and approaches
  • Stay suspicious of the familiar and expected solution
  • Explore deeply and make mistakes that stumble into new ideas
  • Be a servant to innovation, not to appeasement
  • Have the courage to stay on the hard road and don't fear the dark


Understand deeply but explain simply

  • Clearly articulate the journey of discovery, or it never really happened
  • To become a great innovator, become a great storyteller
  • The only way to fight for an idea and win is to have the best explanation
  • Always solve the biggest problem in the simplest, most uncomplicated way possible


Use empathy to drive innovation

  • Find and practice new methods to experience the world through another's eyes
  • Get and stay as close to the target audiences and users as possible
  • Constantly remind each other why we are solving a problem for a person
  • Drop your ego and this will make you good at what you do and good to work with too


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