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We find better problems to solve. That’s why we are obsessed with focusing on the “why.” This drives our innovation to create powerful, relevant, and unexpected stories and experiences that resonate with audiences.

Over the years, we’ve helped many companies take bold steps to create something no one else has tried. Here are a few projects that highlight the problems and big ideas companies have come to us with, and how we've used our process to simplify those things into what matters most.

Magellan Midstream Partners

Most pipeline companies would balk at the idea of "advertising" a pipeline. Not Magellan Midstream Partners. For years, Magellan "flew under the radar," garnering little outside attention and using no digital marketing. But with the landscape changing, Magellan realized it needed to be part of the conversation. Gitwit created a digital strategy, aimed at building a baseline of awareness and education in West Texas communities. The campaign has generated thoughtful discussion and questions — and most importantly, showed transparency from an industry that's traditionally opaque.

Cyber District

The University of Tulsa and members of the community had a vision for building an Innovation District in the heart of the city, focused on cybersecurity: a Tulsa Cyber District. As exciting as this vision was, it can be hard to sell a big idea when it's still an abstract concept — or an empty plot of land. Gitwit and Selser Schaefer Architects set out to get private firms and cyber professionals nationwide excited about what a "Cyber District" could mean for their companies and industry. We believed a video would be a powerful way to bring the idea of a Tulsa Cyber District to life for our audiences, and motivate them to get involved. Our team dove into case studies and academic research, created a compelling narrative, and rapidly cycled through different iterations of the script. The video was shared at the 2019 Tulsa Cyber Summit to hundreds of cyber professionals, many of whom expressed interest in making an investment.

Vast came to us wanting to finalize and launch new branding for its existing regional Oklahoma bank. This is a challenge for a few reasons; typically, when a bank rebrands with a new name, existing customers think that the bank has been bought and is turning into a larger, less-personal institution. The new name, Vast, made this problem even more acute as it sounds large-scale and ambitious. However, through stakeholder discovery and brand strategy development, we found that this tension is actually Vast's differentiator—being the boldest-thinking local bank. We helped Vast finalize its new visual brand identity and created a launch campaign targeting existing customers with a message that directly confronted their fears of the bank becoming detached: We're better, not bigger. The bank had braced itself for customer leakage of around 10%— the industry standard. However, following the new brand launch, Vast has seen no measurable customer loss. In fact, engagement with the new brand has been overwhelmingly positive.


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