Ticketing Software


Achieving growth through operational efficiency

GuestX launched into the ticketing software market by becoming the exclusive ticketing platform for the Seattle Space Needle which sees >1.5 million visitors every year.

The administration and management of ticketing can be a deceptively complex task. The constant need for various pricing, bundles, and tiers of offerings translated into a product with a robust feature set; however, its complexity demanded a hands-on approach to sales and training. In order to take their product to a broader market, GuestX needed to rethink the user experience for the attraction.

Gitwit was brought in at the beginning of this journey to lead the exploration of new onboarding experiences within the software, as well as to quickly expand the product’s capabilities on demand.

To develop empathy with the user, we conducted ethnographic research with venue operators, worked with stakeholders to refine the focus of their product strategy, and ultimately architected and designed a new user experience that packaged their robust functionality into a streamlined, self-service experience, aligned with the goals of both GuestX’s buyers and users.

Account Creation Experience

Primary Goal

The reimagined customer journey for GuestX begins with a guided account creation experience.

The primary goal of this new onboarding experience was to lower the barrier for new customers exploring GuestX so that they could begin using the product as quickly as possible.



Brand Colors


#3DB5E6 - #673278



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