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Breaking into iTunes top 10 social apps
When we were first pitched the idea of a social app designed to help leaders inspire action for their causes we were intrigued. Sixty days later we were in Atlanta running a user testing session with twenty post-millennials. Then after nine months we launched version 1.0 of go.do, quickly crossed the 10,000 download mark, and were featured as an iTunes top 10 social app.

What We Did

product strategy + venture creation + UX/UI + launch strategy + animation

The strategy

From wireframes to end product, our team created a user experience focused largely on using video to inspire action.

the animation

We produced a short animated film that was used as the key conversion content at Leadercast as well as a short case study showing go.do in action, leading to more than 9,000 app downloads in a 24-hour period.

Creating a brand identity is both challenging and exciting. As the social app built for doing and action, we came up with lots of ideas and went through just as many iterations. Through user validation exercises, the “rocket bee” emerged as the clear winner.


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